LONG TERM Treatment

One Year Renewable.

We propose Weekly, Bi-weekly or Tri-weekly Service depending on the type & size of your pool, its environment and the required cleaning & treatment.

Our Routines
At each visit, the following routines are performed:
Brushing of pool walls & floors.
Removing Water Line.
Vacuuming pool.
Emptying skimmer & pump baskets.
Netting of debris and floating particles on pool water surface.
Checking water balance and adding chemicals accordingly to ensure perfect Water Chemistry.
Backwash sand filters / Rinse as needed.

On Scheduled Basis – As & When required:
Cleaning of Salt Chlorinator.
Pump Box.

We help you monitor your pool operations - being in proximity with the Pool, we keep an eye on pool equipment and report any pool issues: wear & tear or faulty equipment.

Scheduled Visit
You can expect our technicians to arrive on the same day of the week and any change is communicated to you.
SHOCK Treatment

Your Pool has turned green or your pool water is cloudy or milky? Your swimming pool has yellow or dark patches? Pool Solutions handles these tough pools in a few visits.

This program is carried out methodically:
A survey is carried out.
A proposal is made to client.
Charges (chemicals/labour & Transport inclusive).
4. Length of treatment.
Pump Box.

Our team come with all basic chemicals and fully equipped.

ONE TIME Treatment

You are giving a last minute party and no time to clean your pool ?
No worries ! Pool Solutions will take care of it !

For this special visit, your pool water chemistry is checked and balanced. Pool walls & floors are brushed, Pool is skimmed and vacuumed. Baskets are emptied and any water line is removed. If needed backwash & rinse are done.

No fuss at your end to provide us with chemicals or cleaning equipment, as our teams come fully equipped !