10 years earning the trust of our customers...
Founded in 2005, our company is specialised in the maintenance of swimming pools, both the cleaning of the pool itself and the water treatment. We provide services for all kinds of pools: fiberglass, concrete with fiberglass lining or tiles.

During the past ten years, our company’s employee’s growth move from 1 to 17 employees.

Our strength
  • Perfect communication between our staff and our customers.
  • Regularity in our services, gained experience in the field of maintenance of pools.
  • Well trained, qualified and trustworthy staff.
  • The guarantee of timely service is another example for our high level of customer care. We are aware about the importance of a reliable service to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. One good reason out of many for us having loyal customers since the beginning of the Company.

Our main clientele
  • Individuals
  • Residential Complexes
  • Bungalows, Clubs
  • Foreigners under employment contract.

Our Modus Operandi
We mostly settle long-term renewable contracts of one year with our customers.
We also offer shock treatments for pools facing different problems, mainly green pools, black dots (points allumettes), smoky, yellow patches, algae etc...or once in a blue, one-off services.

Director : Christian Fournier
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